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Keith Sherwood is founder of He was born in Brooklyn, New York. For more than 30 years, he has given workshops in Europe, America and Africa. He works regularly with people who are ready to take full responsibility for their spiritual lives and whose highest priority is their transcendence. His ability to experience energy fields has been instrumental in helping people achieve their spiritual goals. He is the author of seven books on metaphysics and relationship – and has written articles for numerous magazines including “Psychologie Heute” and “Visionen”.
His latest book, “Energy Healing for Relationships” will be published in autumn 2019 by Llewellyn Publications.



News Age Magazine, July – 2012

Q: Your main spiritual approach is directed towards transcendence. How can sex help to achieve transcendence? Many people think of sex as something purely mundane...

A: Although many people still don’t understand the transcendent nature of human sexuality the truth is that the energy at its foundation is so powerful that when it’s unleashed during times of intimate contact it can lead to ecstasy. This same energy...

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Svjetlost, Croatia, June – 2006

“Svi ćete biti prosvjetljeni, samo je pitanje vremena-prije ili poslije Georgea Busha?” (K.S.)

Keith Sherwood, učitelj i iscjelitelj, poznat po svojoj sposobnosti uklanjanja energetskih blokada i karmičke energije. Više od dvadeset godina održava seminare i radionice u Sjevernoj Americi, Europi i Južnoj Africi. Izdavač je Inner Awareness magazina i autor...

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KGS Hamburg, Germany, November – 2004

Karma ist Regisseur und Produzent eines Films, den wir Wirklichkeit nennen und die Darsteller sind wir selbst. Damit niemand auf die Idee kommt diese „Reality-Soap“ zu hinterfragen, hält Karma viele Ablenkungen und Verlockungen bereit: Besitz, Karriere, Leidenschaften – aber auch Krankheit oder Depression sollen die wahre Natur...

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Frankfurter-Ring magazine, November – 2000

Q. Would you please tell our readers more about your personal background, the education and training you received?

A. My early education was traditional. I went to grade school and studied European history in college. Even as a child, I could see subtle energy fields and could distinguish between the different qualities of subtle energy projected by people. My ability to see into the higher and lower dimensions made it clear to me that we lived in a multi-dimensional universe.
And as I got older, it became important for me to learn whether I was alone...

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