What is Wholelove?

Whole love is dedicated to raising the three forms of human love, Eros (sexual love), Filio (brotherly love), and Agape (divine love), to the highest level possible. Indeed, whole love is synonymous with unconditional love, the state in which intimacy becomes a way of life and there is no distinction between the one who is loved and the one who is doing the loving.
Whole love is devoted to sharing one simple principle in all its profundity: that ‘truth is love and love is freedom.’ and that these three emerge out of the same singularity: a singularity that has no name and has no limiting qualities-but which can be accessed from within, by each human being and brought into conscious awareness.
That state of realization and recognition is readily observable in those people who have achieved it, by the light that shines through their eyes and fills their aura to overflowing.
After experiencing union with that singularity for even a moment a person recognizes that love is their natural condition, whether they have an object or a person to share it with or not.
There is no love when integrity is sacrificed. freedom arises out of the seed of ‘self awareness’ and comes to fruition as the freedom to love unconditionally.
When, union with the self which is the fulfillment, of love finally becomes a way of life, the adept recognizes that to be alone is an illusion: to be lost is a myth: salvation is unnecessary and beside the point. and from within the singularity that resides deep within him arises the truth and the freedom to express himself as he is, without limitation and without fear.



Eros is sexual love and is closely associated with the greek god of the same name who was known to the romans as cupid.
To the ancient greek, and to those influenced by hellenistic culture eros was considered an outside force, not something innately human. In mythology, this force, or dynamic aspect is represented by cupid’s arrow. cupid takes aim at a person at a time and place of his choosing. and when that person is pierced love is inevitable and inescapable...at least for for the short time the arrow works its magic.
In tantra kama embodies the same qualities of eros. but in tantra, the force embodied by eros is is taken to its highest level and is used a vehicle to raise human interaction to the highest levels of ecstasy

a state where all seven chakras, within body-space, become active and union between the two partners becomes the ultimate expression of their love.
The articles, books and meditations presented here are designed to enhance your sensual pleasure, and as well as your ability to achieve sexual union...and by it a transcendental state of bliss with your partner.



Filio is brotherly love. it is the love and affection that one person has for another. this love which is not limited by gender, or culture can be based on human qualities, a shared interest, a common goal or simply a compatibility based on a the complementary resonance of their energy systems. Normally filio does not contain a strong element of erotic attraction although it can exist between members of the opposite sex. Filio is considered a higher form of love than eros, for two reasons because the initial vibration is higher, being associated with the vibration of the third chakra rather than the second chakra...and because it is more inclusion and is based not solely on physical attraction but the attraction of a larger number of qualities. because of this the form of love known as filio can be shared by many more people. a person can feel this form of love with members of both sexes, of any age and in a host of circumstances. it is also less fragile since in is based on qualities that are more enduring then physical attraction and physical compatibility.



Agape is divine love. It is the highest form of love. it is sometimes called unconditional love because, like the ray’s of the sun it radiates on saint and sinner alike. When someone has reached a state where he or she is able to transmit agape their effect on their surroundings is enormous. when Jesus told his follows to love one another, as he had loved them, the term he used was agape.
Agape can be thought of as bliss, or unconditional joy that radiates from the thumb sized place in the human energy field, where atman emerges.
Agape is has no qualities and therefore remains the same at all times in all places regardless of external conditions. Agape cannot be controlled by the mind or regulated by the ego. it emerges from deep within each person and becomes an eternal presence when that person achieves a conscious state of union with the self.